Some key phrases

Glossary: Old language or the language of the godsDóttir: Daughter Paskat: Shit Reginkunnrsól: Divine Sun, chief god of the old world Sipill: Potlicker, Gid’s favourite insult Vándrormr: Evil Dragon, the ultimate evil of the old world Sigyn’s preferred curses“Ach du lieber!”: “For the love of!” (German) “Din jævla idiot!”: “You fucking idiot!” (Norwegian) “Dra til … Continue reading Some key phrases


A little teaser for you all

*3:00 AM* The screeches of the small portable alarm clock were quickly snuffed by a flailing hand.  Uttering a low curse, the woman attached to the hand opened her eyes; the last wisps of her sleep induced fog drawing back in the darkness as she reached out her other hand to feel for the familiar … Continue reading A little teaser for you all

Character design

I was asked one time, “Where do you get your character ideas?”  I would have to say that the majority of my characters come from RPG games (both table top as well as online), and the NPCs my characters have met along the way.  In my latest book, The First Key: A Shadow of Faith, … Continue reading Character design