A little gift for you all.

“For centuries we have fought, yet neither side has ever won.  We have slaughtered each other over some unknown hatred; and just like the Hydra of myth, more spring up to take the place of the fallen.  But what are we gaining from this?  What reason do we have to fight?”  Adjusting her reading glasses, … Continue reading A little gift for you all.


The love/hate between Sigyn and Moros

Let’s just say that if Sigyn ever came upon some blackmail material to use against Moros, she’d send him this letter.Moros has spent YEARS messing with her life, stealing her works, and generally being an all around dick.  Sigyn would relish in being able to turn the tables.

First Fix!

One of my first major “fixes”, is that I’m changing the term Lycanth (which I never felt fit properly) to Therian. Therian is short for Therianthrope, which is a term used to encompass all sorts of animal shape shifters (excluding dragons).