Possible blurb for The Hidden Keys (title work in progress)

Being one of the top researchers in your field is never easy; but when your field is often lumped into the same category as hunting for Bigfoot or aliens building the pyramids, it gets that much harder. Not one to back down from the jeers of her fellow professors, Dr. Sigyn Lokasenna is dead set … Continue reading Possible blurb for The Hidden Keys (title work in progress)

Character Weapons

I’ve been doing my best to make sure I have proper names and types for the weapons that my characters carry and use. Sid is probably the hardest, as he uses a custom made gun that he jokingly refers to as his “caster gun” after watching an anime called “Outlaw Star”. The closest I’ve been able … Continue reading Character Weapons

Kaine Volkof

Age: 30 Birth Date:  01-01-1970 Race/Ethnicity:  Nordic Appearance: Hair: Short, often slicked back or gelled “ginger ale” blond. Eyes: Gunmetal grey eyes, many times described as having a “hard” look to them. Facial Features: Narrow aquiline nose, strong sharp jawline and chin, thin eyebrows that often times are the only expressive part of his face. … Continue reading Kaine Volkof