I am a hunter, I slaughter my prey and all who get in my way. Dr. Moros Gipson


Character Weapons

I’ve been doing my best to make sure I have proper names and types for the weapons that my characters carry and use. Sid is probably the hardest, as he uses a custom made gun that he jokingly refers to as his “caster gun” after watching an anime called “Outlaw Star”. The closest I’ve been able … Continue reading Character Weapons

Some key phrases

Glossary: Old language or the language of the godsDóttir: Daughter Paskat: Shit Reginkunnrsól: Divine Sun, chief god of the old world Sipill: Potlicker, Gid’s favourite insult Vándrormr: Evil Dragon, the ultimate evil of the old world Sigyn’s preferred curses“Ach du lieber!”: “For the love of!” (German) “Din jævla idiot!”: “You fucking idiot!” (Norwegian) “Dra til … Continue reading Some key phrases

A little teaser for you all

*3:00 AM* The screeches of the small portable alarm clock were quickly snuffed by a flailing hand.  Uttering a low curse, the woman attached to the hand opened her eyes; the last wisps of her sleep induced fog drawing back in the darkness as she reached out her other hand to feel for the familiar … Continue reading A little teaser for you all

The pets!

Both Sigyn and Moros have pets that travel with them at all times.  Sigyn’s is a bit harder to get around, but then again, carting around a 30lb Maine Coon isn’t exactly easy. Sigyn’s Pet Name: Heimdal Species:  Maine Coon cat Description: Stands around 3 feet tall, weighing in at 30 pounds.  Has long, silky … Continue reading The pets!