The pets!

Both Sigyn and Moros have pets that travel with them at all times.  Sigyn’s is a bit harder to get around, but then again, carting around a 30lb Maine Coon isn’t exactly easy. Sigyn’s Pet Name: Heimdal Species:  Maine Coon cat Description: Stands around 3 feet tall, weighing in at 30 pounds.  Has long, silky … Continue reading The pets!

Kaine Volkof

Age: 30 Birth Date:  01-01-1970 Race/Ethnicity:  Nordic Appearance: Hair: Short, often slicked back or gelled “ginger ale” blond. Eyes: Gunmetal grey eyes, many times described as having a “hard” look to them. Facial Features: Narrow aquiline nose, strong sharp jawline and chin, thin eyebrows that often times are the only expressive part of his face. … Continue reading Kaine Volkof

Character design

I was asked one time, “Where do you get your character ideas?”  I would have to say that the majority of my characters come from RPG games (both table top as well as online), and the NPCs my characters have met along the way.  In my latest book, The First Key: A Shadow of Faith, … Continue reading Character design