Sidney Masterson

Age: 28 Birth Date:  2-29-1972 Race/Ethnicity: Greek/Samoan Appearance: Hair: Jet black, always pulled back in either a braid or a ponytail with multiple ties, goes down to his butt Eyes: Dark brown, almost black, has thick eyelashes Facial Features: Dark bronze skin, Samoan facial features, specifically the nose and the mouth.  Has a “Greek” jawline … Continue reading Sidney Masterson

Moros Gipson, PhD

Age: 30 Birth Date: 4-1-1970 Race/Ethnicity: Greek/Norse Appearance: Hair: Flame red, either kept short and well groomed; or medium/shoulder length, tied back with a leather tie. Always seems to have “perfect hair” Eyes: Left eye is blue, right eye is green. Wears contacs to make eyes look blue Facial Features: Mixture of Greek and Nordic … Continue reading Moros Gipson, PhD

Sigyn Lokasenna, PhD

Age: 30 Birth Date: 04-01-1970 Race/Ethnicity: Norse/Greek Appearance: Hair: Flame red, down to mid back, worn either in a long braid or left down Eyes: Right eye is blue, left eye is green Facial Features: Slender, oval face, straight nose, full lips, large eyes with long lashes, eyebrows are slender and arched, often in a … Continue reading Sigyn Lokasenna, PhD