Those Standing in the Wings

While the focus when it comes to sexual violence both on and off campus has been predominantly on cisgendered women (and it has every reason to be, as they are the largest group targeted), far too often people forget that there are others out there. People often forget that transgender people are targeted at almost … Continue reading Those Standing in the Wings

I Shouldn’t Be Afraid, But I Am

My hands sweat as I readjust my keys, making sure they stick out between my fingers. I've done this since I started driving, the constant reminder of my parents that I could be attacked on my way to the car ringing in my ears. I don't carry a purse, and my back pack is held … Continue reading I Shouldn’t Be Afraid, But I Am

He’s Just a Child

Names have been changed to protect those involved, even the scum who did this. CONTENT WARNING: ABUSE, SEXUAL ASSAULT, RAPE, CHILD ABUSE “He’s just a child.” Those words will haunt me for the rest of my days. “He’s just like a child himself, he didn’t understand what he did was wrong.” I stood there, numb … Continue reading He’s Just a Child