My thoughts on JK Rowling’s TERFness

So I decided to finally put my feelings and thoughts into words after reading Rowling's various novels, posts, and tweets about trans people, specifically trans women. She made news back at the end of March by liking overly TERFy tweets, and then when called out attempted to blame it on a "middle age moment" and … Continue reading My thoughts on JK Rowling’s TERFness

Straight Pride is Bullshit

Hey straight pride day creeps, Do you even KNOW the history of LGBT pride or pride month? Or are you just whining for not getting a cookie? I'm being serious here. Do you even KNOW why pride month exists? Do you even know that being LGBT+ used to be illegal? You want to whine about no straight … Continue reading Straight Pride is Bullshit

We Have the Resources

People claim that we can’t ensure everyone’s basic needs are met (food, shelter, clothing, fresh water, etc). Yet it’s not because we lack the resources to do it. We as a society lack the COMPASSION and EMPATHY to do it. UPDATE: Some people have stated that the only rights we have are “life, liberty, and … Continue reading We Have the Resources

It’s Time to Stand Up

Transcribed from Twitter Moment “It’s Time to Stand Up“. We need to stop telling poc that THEY need to deal with white supremacists. We white folk need to step up our fucking game and fight this! White people of all walks benefit from white supremacy, WE need to step up and make an effort to … Continue reading It’s Time to Stand Up