Transcribed from a December 6, 2017 Twitter thread.
Several people have claimed that those of us speaking up using the tag are doing it for fame and fortune. To those people, I extend a loving middle finger. To those who say that people (like myself) who are speaking up using the tag are just doing it for money or followers, I have but one thing to say to you, and it’s in convenient picture form!

Seriously, people are coming forward because they are feeling SAFE enough to do so because they are seeing others doing so. We’re not doing this for fame or fortune. We are doing this because for too long we’ve remained quiet. In many places we cannot get legal action for what happened to us, so we speak up to help others know they are not alone.

We speak up to help people see just how common this problem is.

We speak up because we’re tired of being shouted down or discounted because we don’t “look” like the type of victim you see on TV and movies. We speak up KNOWING that we’re going to have people shitting on us over it. We speak up KNOWING that people are going to attempt to shame us. We speak up KNOWING that people will call us liars and sometimes worse. We speak up KNOWING that some of us will be harassed and attacked. Safety in numbers is a real thing.

But most of all, we speak up because staying silent only allows abusers, rapists, and our assaulters to continue on harming others. We speak up because silence only makes the problem grow. We speak up because remaining silent just makes it worse.

We tried it your way.

We tried just “sucking it up” and staying quiet because it would potentially ruin someone’s life (while ignoring that it is ruining ours). We tried “getting over it” while being made to live in a society that makes light of our situation and often makes getting help near impossible for survivors. We tried playing by your rules, now it’s time for you to see just what we’ve been dealing with.

It’s time for you to hear our stories, the stories of survivors, of people who have continued on after horrific events, of people who have found the courage to speak out about what they have been through.

It’s time for you to wake the fuck up and face reality.