Some stuff I did to design my latest character on SWtOR.

01. Full name: Melsiu Alashar (She took her father’s name as her surname, just as her mother did before her)
02. Best friend: She only has one friend so far, a fellow Sith named Arvaich.
03. Sexuality: Heterosexual
04. Favorite colors: Green, Purple, Black
05. Relationship status: Single…definitely single.
06. Ideal mate: Someone she could go on digs with, who desires to study and learn from the past.
07. Turn-ons: Access to a new dig site, new discoveries, a fresh artifact to restore or translate.
08. Favorite food: A fruit pastry made by a baker near her childhood home on Ziost.
09. Crushes: She’s not sure how to feel about her friend, per what she’s read on the holonet, it’s possible she has a crush on him.
10. Favorite music: Concert hall classical
11. Biggest fear: Dying before she can see the whole galaxy
12. Biggest fantasy: To make a discovery so monumental that it will change the very make up of the Empire itself (for the better obviously!)
13. Bad habits: Nervous around new people, lack of a filter when excited or intoxicated
14. Biggest regret: Not getting to know her mother
15. Best kept secrets: Her collection of “borrowed” artifacts from other Sith
16. Last thought: “Wow! Look at those wards! And they glow brighter as I approach!”
17. Worst romantic experience: Being an unkissed, undated, uncoupled virgin at age 25
18. Biggest insecurity: Being laughed at, being teased
19. Weapon of choice: Her two thin bladed light sabers, though she’s proficient with tech and vibro blades as well.
20. Role Model: Her father

Username: Melsiu
Full Name: Melsiu Alashar
Homeworld: Ziost
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Species: Sith Pureblood
Class: Marauder
Force Alignment: Neutral leaning light
Profession: Biochem
Likes: Access to a new dig site, new discoveries, a fresh artifact to restore or translate, holocrons, anything she can use to learn something new.
Dislikes: Willful ignorance, people acting without honor, destruction of history
Skills: Trained in multiple languages, good at “acquiring” needed items for a dig/excavation, Makashi form

Biography: Mel was born to two Sith parents, her father Alashar and her mother Jegia. Like her mother before her, she took her father’s first name as her surname when she came of age.

It was her mother’s wish that Mel be raised and trained on Ziost, away from the freshly re-opened Korriban Academy, and things would have gone that way had her mother not passed away before Mel’s third birthday. Alashar did his best to keep to his wife’s wishes, hiring private teachers and tutors to train Mel outside of the eyes of the ever watchful Sith Overseers from the Academy.

Mel had a mostly normal childhood, filled with days spent learning history, math, astronomy, the usual stuff a child would learn in school, and evenings spent training with her father in lightsaber combat. Though she did have to spend much of that time with training sabers, the thought of having her own lightsabers when she was old enough was enough to keep her going no matter how many times she was knocked down.

As she grew older, she began to focus on history, especially the history of the Sith race, and begged her father to let her go on one of her tutor’s expeditions to the ruins outside of New Adasta. Reluctantly, Alashar gave in to his daughter’s wishes, knowing that he couldn’t protect her forever.

During the dig, Mel found a small entrance to a previously sealed chamber within the ruins and crawled inside. There she found a small library that had been left behind by the old Empire, and before anyone else could join her, she reached out and pocketed one of the holocrons. When asked about it later, she could only explain it as the force told her to do it, that she had been drawn to that location.

Her discovery drew the attention of the Overseers on Korriban, and she was ordered to report to the Academy to begin her training at the age of 15. Expecting training similar to what she had received on Ziost, Mel was horrified by the amount of infighting, suspicion, and backstabbing that occurred at the Academy. She buried herself in her studies, and focused on her trials, doing her best to remain under people’s radar. The only person she spoke to was a young Mandalorian Sith by the name of Arvaich, who pushed her to follow her own desires and not get swept up in the drama of the Academy.

Once her trials were completed, she quickly made her way to Dromund Kaas, telling herself that she would be back later to examine some of the ruins that had caught her eye. There she once again dove into her studies, hoping to get the opportunity to join in on the various excavations occurring all over the planet. Since then, she’s traveled from planet to planet, with really only her friend Arvaich to talk to as she wishes to find a master who shares her goals and desires…that and she’s majorly lacking in social skills due to being raised away from other children.