Transcribed from the July 10, 2017 Twitter thread.

Biological sex is composed of chromosomal sex (genotype, XX/Xy/var), endocrinologic sex (which helps make the secondary sex characteristics), gonadal sex (gonads), sex hormones, and morphological sex just to name a few components. Biological sex includes chromosomes (XX/Xy/var) (genotype), endocrine levels, gonads, sex hormones, external genitals, and secondary sex characteristics. Of these, the only one we currently CANNOT change is the chromosome (genotype) portion.

However, no one except the people against trans people make the claim that trans people can change their chromosomes. So if you’re going to use “biological sex” as your justification for your attacks on transgender and intersex people, just shut up, OK? Because what you’re trying to use is CHROMOSOMAL SEX which is only a fraction of biological sex, and as such shows just how ignorant you are.

If you want to try using an elementary level education in science, expect those of us with higher levels of education on the topic to laugh.

The fact that even with all the information out there, with all the scientific evidence out there, with all the data available to say that sex is WAY more complicated than XX/Xy, that people still go around (including people who made a name for themselves in sex ed) spouting overly simplified to the point of it being bullshit phrases is mind boggling. How hard is it to set down your elementary grade text book and pick of a college or graduate level one?

How hard is it to actually sit down and read up on the latest studies and data available that says sex is more like a spectrum these days? Why is it expected that trans and intersex people should know all of this information and then spoon feed it to you only to have you spit it back in our faces and demand a cookie because you remember doing punnett squares in 2nd grade?

If we have to do all this work, you’d better damn well be prepared for us to demand you do the same before lecturing us about sex.

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Intersex conditions:
Pentasomy X:
Tetrasomy X:
Trisomy X:
46, XX:
48, XXyy:
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48, Xyyy:
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