Where does one begin to look for beta readers? Obviously it’s necessary to have someone impartial read over your entire thing and give you an honest critique of good points and bad, but where do you FIND the people who are willing, and also qualified, to do that for you? Is there some kind of site that hooks people up with this?


Where to Find Beta Readers

Looking for good beta readers takes time and effort. There is no beta reader directory or one site that lists out every beta reader and their preferences and not every beta reader you find will be willing to critique your work.

Below is a list of sites you could use to begin your search:

Now, before you rush off looking for beta readers, here’s a few tips:

Offer to beta. Critiquing other people’s work makes you a better editor. If you can find someone to exchange writing with, it’s a win-win situation. 

Build connections. Connect with fellow aspiring writers on social media, in forums, through writers conferences, local writing clubs etc. These are people that you can exchange work with. 

Don’t get too caught up with qualifications, especially when you’re asking someone to use their time to critique your work for free. If you’re looking for someone with professional qualifications and editing experience, you should be willing to pay for it. 

Don’t take it personally if a beta reader you send your work to never replies. People get busy, people forget, people won’t click with your writing. Remember that (unless you’ve agreed to beta read for them in return or paid them) they have no obligation to beta read for you if they no longer want to. 

I wish you the best of luck finding a beta reader!


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