I’ve been doing my best to make sure I have proper names and types for the weapons that my characters carry and use. 

Sid is probably the hardest, as he uses a custom made gun that he jokingly refers to as his “caster gun” after watching an anime called “Outlaw Star”. The closest I’ve been able to come for a visual example would be the Taurus Judge Long Barrel. (http://imgur.com/lb9ozaO)

Edward took up sharpshooting as a hobby in college, and as he doesn’t like to get his hands dirty when it comes to fighting, he prefers to use a little piece of weaponry that Sid managed to “acquire”. Edward’s weapon of choice in a battle is the McMillian TAC-50 long range sniper rifle. (http://bit.ly/s3KoGg andhttp://bit.ly/18LvRX8) He does his best to stay out of the fight, and instead offer support from afar.

Kaine, being in INTERPOL, carries two standard issue guns, along with a 26" extendable baton (http://i.imgur.com/OOxv1aX.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/eESjoPL.jpg http://i.imgur.com/OqdzYwE.jpg). The baton was a gift from his father, and he is never seen without it. While he normally uses his Glock 17 (http://bit.ly/185ivL1), he has been known to use his other issue, a Glock 31 (http://bit.ly/IdZBVn).

Sigyn travels the world, and thanks to Kaine, has trained to be able to fire a .357 with deadly accuracy. Her weapon of choice is the Beretta Cougar 8357 (http://imgur.com/7vsXUrE). She has been known to make her own bullets, especially if she knows she’s going to be going out to places where less conventional bullets are needed. She also carries a Beretta M9 (http://bit.ly/19ChR1f), but she uses that far less often than the .357.

Moros…where do we start with Moros. Of all of my characters, he just HAS to be the little snowflake of the group. He rarely uses weapons and instead relies on illusions and slight of hand. If he IS forced to use some sort of weapon, he carries a small bolt action weapon, specifically a Boker plus tactical KID .50 cal. Yes, he carries a pen gun. (http://bit.ly/1bLYMyo)