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Tips by Sarah O’Leary
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Have you lost your writing mojo?

Your mind whirls in a dance of distress as you stare at that blinking cursor.

Dammit! You have a deadline!

You know and follow the expert writing advice: set a schedule, push through resistance, keep at it. Yet the words won’t flow.

You can’t find that writing mojo!

What’s wrong?

Maybe it’s time to take a break.

Wait, wait…hold the shrieking. How can you possibly take a break when you’re already behind with projects or deadlines?

It’s been proven: rest increases your productivity and writing output.

Think about it. When your last brilliant new idea blossomed, were you sitting at your desk, flogging yourself to keep going?

I doubt it.

Allowing the mind some fallow time is how we let in new ideas and inspirations.

Self-Care For Writers

Every writer worth his or her salt knows they must keep their butt in the chair and write. However, it’s equally important to get your butt out of that chair.


You know that old adage about cooking while you’re in the midst of an argument? All that angry energy goes into the food. Well, the same applies to writing while you’re feeling depleted. You wind up with depleted prose.

Your creative brain is a muscle. Consider how athletes train. They push themselves – hard. Yet for optimum performance, muscles need recovery time. So athletes take days off training to rejuvenate their muscles.

Our creative muscles need breaks too. A change in focus replenishes those creative and intellectual synapses, priming you for another session.

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