Old language or the language of the gods
Dóttir: Daughter

Paskat: Shit

Reginkunnrsól: Divine Sun, chief god of the old world

Sipill: Potlicker, Gid’s favourite insult

Vándrormr: Evil Dragon, the ultimate evil of the old world

Sigyn’s preferred curses
“Ach du lieber!”: “For the love of!” (German)

“Din jævla idiot!”: “You fucking idiot!” (Norwegian)

“Dra til helvete”: “Go to hell.” (Norwegian)

“Perkele”: Fuck, surprisingly common curse (Finnish)

“Timpitule!”: “You moron!” (Romanian)

Sid/Edward’s preferred curses
“Poutanas gie!”: “Son of a bitch!” (Greek)

“Poga ua”: “Pain in the neck” (Samoan)