Both Sigyn and Moros have pets that travel with them at all times.  Sigyn’s is a bit harder to get around, but then again, carting around a 30lb Maine Coon isn’t exactly easy.

Sigyn’s Pet

Name: Heimdal

Species:  Maine Coon cat

Description: Stands around 3 feet tall, weighing in at 30 pounds.  Has long, silky fur with a faint tiger stripe pattern.  His eyes are an amber hue, and give off a highly intelligent gaze.

Personality: Heimdal is most definitely a cat.  Aloof, demanding, and yet overly loving, he never seems to leave Sigyn’s side.  He is very protective of his “pet” and food bringer, and has been found at times watching over her as she sleeps.

Misc facts:  Heimdal is over 29 years old.  He was found along with Sigyn on the doorstep of the orphanage Sigyn was dumped at.  He has always been with her.  He also has an exceptionally long tail for a cat.

Moros’ pets


Species:  Weasel?  Ferret?  Crack addled creature of evil?

Descriptions:  One pitch black with red eyes, one snow white with black eyes, and one is brown with a white under belly and black eyes.

Personality:  Mischievous but fiercely loyal to Moros.  They seem at times to talk to one another, as well as to their “father”, Moros.

Misc Facts: The three creatures actually comprise a single entity, known as a Kamaitachi, a Japanese Yōkai (monster).  More information on this creature can be found here.  Moros found them as a baby and has raised them as his own.  They often disappear and reappear around him or on his shoulders at his command, and will fetch items for him.