Age: 28

Birth Date:  2-29-1972

Race/Ethnicity: Greek/Samoan


  • Hair: Jet black, always pulled back in either a braid or a ponytail with multiple ties, goes down to his butt
  • Eyes: Dark brown, almost black, has thick eyelashes
  • Facial Features: Dark bronze skin, Samoan facial features, specifically the nose and the mouth.  Has a “Greek” jawline and eyebrow shape.  Very expressive and jovial face
  • Height: 6’3″
  • Body: Athletic, sort of wiry at times (forgets to eat).  Muscle is from parkour and working on machines

Birthplace:  Nakodu, Koro Island, Fiji

Current Location:  ?????

Profession: Mecahanic

Education: MIT for undergraduate, Stanford and Cal Poly for graduate work.

  • Masters: Mechanical engineering, Electrical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Bachelors: Engineering Physics

Disposition and Personality: Laid back, overly horny, curious, good natured

Hobbies:  Creating, modifying, and improving anything he can imagine, “turning it to 11″

Interests: Anything engineering related, fringe mechanics, physics

Weaknesses:  Women, new technology

Faults: Over confident

Pet Peeves: People who brag about their education (especially Ph.Ds), blondes

Fears: Losing his skills, developing ED

Guilty Pleasures: Mini donuts, tri tip steak, sushi, junk sops

Prized Possessions: Railman’s pocket watch, a thin silver band that he wears around his upper left bicep

Bad Habits: Throwing out instructions, red heads

Proudest accomplishments: His caster gun

Secret Talents: Brewery, Natural survivalist

Typical Clothing:  Very casual, either a monkey suit (mechanic’s suit), or jeans and a shirt.  Has an old but well kept duster that he wears everywhere.  Wears either work boots or sneakers, but never dress shoes.  Loves Hawaiian shirts, board shorts, and river sandals for “casual wear”

Distinguishing marks:  Tattoo on his right arm, Maori style sleeve with a lightning theme