Age: 30

Birth Date: 4-1-1970

Race/Ethnicity: Greek/Norse


  • Hair: Flame red, either kept short and well groomed; or medium/shoulder length, tied back with a leather tie. Always seems to have “perfect hair”
  • Eyes: Left eye is blue, right eye is green. Wears contacs to make eyes look blue
  • Facial Features: Mixture of Greek and Nordic features. Greek nose and mouth, Nordic eyebrows and eye shape. Eyebrows always seem cocked in a look of disdain or an “I’m above you” look. Normally clean shaven, but when he does wear facial hair, it is evenly trimmed, and kept short
  • Height: 6’1″
  • Body: Athletic, swimmers body. Hands are always well taken care of, nails manicured

Birthplace: Chișinău, Moldova

Current Location: Oxfordshire, England

Profession: Professor of Archaeology, Archaeologist (Though he mostly just supervises these days, as opposed to being down and dirty in the dirt)

Education: Completed his undergraduate, graduate, and post graduate at Oxford University

Ph.D.: Archaeology, History

Bachelors: Theology

Disposition and Personality: Very professional, snobbish, bounces between rigid and happy go lucky (depending on who he is around or if he needs to act a specific way), good humour but hides it

Hobbies: Stage magic, research

Interests: History, Priceless artifacts

Weaknesses: Family, orphaned children

Faults: Hubris, curiosity, devotion to his father

Pet Peeves: Reality TV, people with incorrect information, people pointing out he looks like Sigyn

Fears: Being “broken”, Losing everything

Guilty Pleasures: Victoria Sponge Cake, Eton Mess, Fruit Sherberts (the candies)

Prized Possessions: Olivine stone ring, a deck of cards with mystical drawings

Bad Habits: Bites his pen when working

Proudest accomplishments: Discovering a site containing evidence of a civilization that pre-dated the oldest known civilization, complete with an unknown writing style (which was translated by Sigyn…much to Moros’ dislike)

Secret Talents: Concert cellist, stage magician (enjoys performing tricks for children when he’s out travelling)

Typical Clothing: Always wears the best clothing money can buy, does not wear anything “off the rack”