Age: 30

Birth Date:  01-01-1970

Race/Ethnicity:  Nordic


  • Hair: Short, often slicked back or gelled “ginger ale” blond.
  • Eyes: Gunmetal grey eyes, many times described as having a “hard” look to them.
  • Facial Features: Narrow aquiline nose, strong sharp jawline and chin, thin eyebrows that often times are the only expressive part of his face.  His cheeks and nose freckle when he is out in the sun, and so he often wears a hat and sunglasses when he is outside.  Keeps himself clean shaven, even when he doesn’t have to shave for work.
  • Height:  6″4″
  • Body: Solid, runner’s body.  While he does work out regularly, and goes running every day, he still has a small and in his opinion, annoying bit of tummy pudge covering over his abs.  While it’s a very tiny amount, it prevents people from seeing his six pack.

Birthplace: Trinidad, CA

Current Location: CLASSIFIED

Profession:  Pacific Union Interpol Liason

Education:  2 Masters and 1 Bachelors from Stanford

Disposition and Personality: Quiet and thoughtful, more likely to sit back and watch instead of jumping in and engaging people.  Seems like he’s up tight, but he does loosen up and relax around people he trusts.

Hobbies:  Camping, mountain climbing, chess

Interests: Survialism, history, psychological aspects of music

Weaknesses: Damsels in distress, dogs don’t like him

Faults: Is rather OCD at times, tends to come off as unfeeling

Pet Peeves: Disorder, messes, piles of stuff with no organization

Fears: Flying, mild claustrophobia, dogs

Guilty Pleasures: Kladdkaka (Swedish chocolate cake), candied almonds

Prized Possessions: A thick metal necklace that has a Celtic cross with the butt end of a bullet casing in the centre (gift from his ex-girlfriend), an extendible staff (gift from his father)

Bad Habits: When he does drink he drinks too much

Proudest accomplishments: Making honour roll and valedictorian at Stanford

Secret Talents: Has perfect pitch when singing, enjoys singing opera

Typical Clothing: Because of his job, he’s almost always dressed in suits.  When he is off shift, he tends to wear nice jeans or slacks, and polo shirts with an UnderArmor heat gear shirt underneath.  He rarely goes full casual, even when he’s at home.  The only time he does so is when he is out roughing it.