Age: 28

Birth Date: 2-29-1972

Race/Ethnicity: Greek/Samoan


  • Hair: Jet black, goes down to his butt, tends to wear it loose, or in a braid
  • Eyes: Dark brown, almost black, has thick eyelashes
  • Facial Features: Dark bronze skin, Samoan facial features, specifically the nose and the mouth.  Has a “Greek” jawline and eyebrow shape.  More likely to just give a polite smile than a grin
  • Height: 6’3″
  • Body: Athletic, well muscled body.  Works out through parkour and exercising in the gym

Birthplace: Nakodu, Koro Island, Fiji

Current Location: Berkeley, California

Profession: Has not picked an official profession, as he has just graduated from Berkeley.  Works unofficially travelling to various conventions to give speeches on his research.

Education: Completed undergraduate work at University of Hawai’i, completed graduate and post graduate at University of California: Berkeley

Bachelors: Archeology and Linguistics

Masters: Folklore

Ph.D.: Sociocultural Anthropology

Disposition and Personality:  While his twin brother is the laid back and easy going of the two, Edward is the more serious and studious twin.  He comes off as the more gentlemanly of the two, and is more prone to being quiet and observant than loud and boisterous

Hobbies: Chess, travelling to dig cites for consults

Interests: Ancient cultures, music through the ages

Weaknesses: His brother, people in distress, rare books

Faults: Is sometimes too serious, quick to anger when it comes to his family

Pet Peeves: People looking down on him for his sexuality, people who ignore history, people who get information incorrect

Fears: Losing his brother, being caught in a cave in (happened once, he’s now unable to sleep without a light), people not treating him equally, just because he’s gay

Guilty Pleasures: Curiosity shops, Dim Sum, Spam and Pineapple

Prized Possessions: A silver band that he wears on his right arm, his notebooks, his father’s ring, an old dagger that never seems to lose its edge

Bad Habits: Tends to have “Diva moments” as Sid calls them, when he gets overly frustrated

Proudest accomplishments: Made it all the way through college on scholarships alone.

Secret Talents: Psychokinesis, talented artist

Typical Clothing: Prefers to dress nicely, either in a suit or a polo and very clean jeans.  When dressing casual, can be found in an unbuttoned Hawaiian shirt, board shorts, and river sandals

Distinguishing marks:  Tattoo on left arm is a Maori style sleeve with a fire and water theme