I was asked one time, “Where do you get your character ideas?” 

I would have to say that the majority of my characters come from RPG games (both table top as well as online), and the NPCs my characters have met along the way.  In my latest book, The First Key: A Shadow of Faith, Sigyn Lokasenna and Moros Gipson are two characters I played in a game of Psion.  The other main characters: Cyrus Magnus, Sidney Masterson, Kane Volkoff, and Vladimir Volkoff (no relation), are NPCs from the game that were created and run by my wonderful husband, Harvey.
There will be other characters appearing who are characters played by my friends and used with their permission.

In my first series, The Memories Trilogy, the main characters were characters created by myself and my co-author, Rafe.  The rest were characters that slowly began to appear and come out of the woodwork as I wrote.