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Michea B | Author | Photographer | Artist | Activist



I am a trans man who hails from southern Oregon, where I write for various sites such as Akkadian Times, The Mighty, and my own personal blog. While I write about multiple topics, my main focuses are on transgender issues, reproductive issues, and bringing to light the societal issues often overlooked due to the pervasiveness of hyper and toxic masculinity in society. 

I also enjoy writing fiction, both original and fan creations, many of which can either be found on this site, or through the links in the sidebar.

I am currently going to college at Portland State for my Arts and Letters degree, after having received my Associate of the Arts with a focus in psychology from Rogue Community College in 2015.

I just celebrated 7 years of marriage with my husband, and I am the proud father of three awesome kids and three wonderful fur babies.