Illuminatus Design

Written Works and Imaginary Friend Adoptions


– While I’m done with conventions until next year, I am still offering convention prices over on my Etsy shop.
– Store is updated to include latest pieces.
Patreon has been updated.
– Links (mostly) fixed, non-working links have been hidden.
– One of the sites that hosted my written works has closed down, so I am working on re-uploading my works.

It’s definitely been an interesting year for me and my household. From finally winning my fight on my disability case to moving numerous rooms around in my house, I’ve been neglecting a lot of tasks. I want to thank everyone who has put up with me and remained patient while I pushed through the ever growing pile of stuff I’ve had to deal with, and to apologize for falling behind on my writing and my crafts.

I’m still unpacking and organizing my work area, however if I’ve already finished the piece it is currently up for sale on Etsy.¬†Unpacking has been going slow due to lack of space and my hEDS/pain levels forcing me to pace myself more than usual.

Thank you for your patience! If you have any questions send them via the contact button up top!

– Michea B